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Plumbing Systems

Schendt Engineering Corporation designs all types of plumbing systems for a wide array of clients. This design includes selection of fixtures and materials, routing of piping, and pipe sizing.


  • Waste and Vent Piping Systems.
  • Acid Waste Piping Systems.
  • Grease Waste Piping Systems.
  • Grease Interceptors.
  • Sand/Oil Interceptors.
  • Neutralization Tanks.
  • Storm Water Piping Systems.
  • Domestic Hot & Cold Water Distribution Systems.
  • Natural Gas Piping Systems.
  • Medical Gas Systems.
  • Process Piping Systems.

Key Benefits

  • Provide improved sanitary conditions for human occupancy.
  • Provide environmental protection to our natural streams and waterways.
  • Improve public health and welfare improve our standard of living.
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