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HVAC Systems

Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems protect the indoor environment in which we live. Quality indoor environments protect our comfort and health by controlling temperature, humidity, and the airborne contaminants that we breath.


The firm has experience in all types of HVAC systems design. These systems include custom built-up systems, packaged systems, and terminal units located indoors and outdoors. The following are general types of systems that we provide engineering design services for:

  • Constant Volume Systems.
  • Variable Air Volume Systems.
  • Chilled Beam Systems
  • Single zone systems.
  • Multizone Systems.
  • Rooftop Air Handling Units.
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning.
  • Unit Ventilators.
  • Terminal Units.
  • Operating Room Air Handling Units.
  • Make-up Air Systems.
  • Laboratory Fume Hood Exhaust Systems.
  • Industrial Ventilation.
  • Process Exhaust Systems.
  • Vehicle Exhaust Systems.

Key Benefits

  • Provide environmental comfort to human occupants.
  • Provide control of indoor contaminants to control indoor air quality.
  • Provide environmental control for sensitive equipment.
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