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Central Plant And Distribution Systems

Schendt Engineering Corporation specializes in the design and analysis of Central Energy Plants and their associate Distribution Systems serving large college campuses, corporate, military, and industrial facilities.


The firm has experience in all types of central energy plants. In general these facilities include central heating plants, central cooling plants, and small cogeneration facilities.  This specialization includes the following types of systems:

  • Central Refrigeration Plants.
  • Thermal Storage Systems.
  • Chilled Water Distribution Systems.
  • Ice Rink Refrigeration Sytems
  • Commercial/Industrial Coolers & Freezers
  • Central High Temperature Hot Water Plants.
  • High Temperature Hot Water Distribution Systems.
  • Central Steam Plants.
  • Steam Turbine Generators.
  • Steam and Condensate Distribution Systems.
  • Cogeneration Systems.
  • Boiler Feed Pumps.
  • Condensate Handling Systems.
  • Deaerators.
  • Desuperheaters.
  • Fuel Oil Handling Systems.

Key Benefits

  • Experience with various plant systems and design.
  • Understanding of plant efficiencies.
  • Plant Life Cycle Cost Analysis.
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