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Control Systems

Schendt Engineering Corporation utilizes a systems engineering approach to the design of a project. This begins with preparation of a system schematic to identify all components of the system. The system schematic is then utilized as a roadmap to be followed in laying out equipment and preparing control drawings. We have experience in all types of control systems including the various standard communications protocols utilized by each manufacturer. This has allowed us to integrate components from various manufacturers to provide seamless communications between individual systems.


The firm has extensive experience with the following types of control systems:

  • Direct digital control systems.
  • Electronic Control Systems.
  • Electric Control Systems.
  • Pneumatic Control Systems.
  • Hydraulic Control Systems.
  • Industrial Control Systems.

Systems Design Experience

The firm has designed control systems for all types of mechanical systems. The following is a representative sample of some of these systems:

  • HVAC Systems.
  • Hydraulic Systems.
  • Pump Controls.
  • Central Refrigeration Plants.
  • Combustion Control Systems.
  • Burner Management Systems.

Key Features

Control system design documents generally include the following key features:

  • System schematic of system components and control devices.
  • Ladder wiring diagram.
  • Point to point Wiring Diagrams.
  • Controller Input/Output Summary Table.
  • Sequence of Operation.
  • Specifications for controllers, devices, and installation of components.
  • Performance and Verification Testing.
  • Commissioning of the installed system.

Key Benefits

  • Defines the technical aspects of the design intent and the sequence of operation of the system.
  • Allows the designer to accurately estimate the cost of the controls for the project.
  • Defines the control contractors responsibilities for the project allowing him to provide an accurate bid.
  • Minimizes change orders for the project.
  • Provides a fully functional, properly operating control systems for mechanical equipment that can be verified and tested.
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