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High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) Distribution System

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

We prepared a project cost estimates to install HTHW piping in the tunnel and abandon the existing direct bury system. This estimate was prepared in August 1996 and subsequently submitted to the State of Colorado for funding.

Design began in August 1997 and was completed in May 1998. This project required coordination with a 20 million dollar central campus renovation project which required installation of several other services in the existing tunnel system. Ted took the lead to coordinate the spatial relationship and routing of the piping in the tunnel for both projects.

This project required installation of approximately 8,000 LF of 10” piping for HTHW. Other services in the tunnel included chilled water, condenser water, heating hot water, domestic cold water, domestic hot water, domestic hot water circulation, low pressure steam, condensate return, and fire line piping. Two valve vaults, an expansion loop, and approximately 30 LF on tunnel were also constructed.

This project was split into three phases of construction to maintain HTHW piping to all buildings during construction. In addition a central plant shutdown was coordinated and scheduled into the construction for switchover from the existing distribution system to the new distribution system. This shutdown required a temporary boiler to supply domestic hot water to the student family apartments during the switchover.

Owner Contractor Completion Date Design Estimate Budget Low Bid
University of Northern Colorado

Mr. Scott McLean
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Gracon Corporation June 1999 $1,721,593 $1,762,400 $1,676,498
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