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Dwire Hall Boiler Replacement

Univerisity of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Schendt Engineering was the prime consultant for this project which involved design to replace a 4,184MBH output boiler with two (2) new boilers each with a capacity of 2,133MBH output. The boiler room was located in the basement which did not have any provisions for bringing in large equipment therefore we selected cast iron boilers which could be assembled in place.

We specified the boilers to be shockproof with an efficiency of 84% at full fire when operating on natural gas. The boilers were equipped with forced draft burners to maximize efficiency and avoid de-rating at altitude.

Space limitations in the boiler room required relocation of some piping, and a chilled water pump. The primary heating hot water pump was removed and replaced with two (2) new primary heating hot water pumps. The combustion air louver did not meet current code requirements therefore an additional louver was installed to correct this deficiency.

Project also required installation of a new flue stack up thru 3-stories of the building in a rated chase. The flue stack was extended to 10’ above the roof to prevent flue gas entrainment by prevailing winds into the outdoor air stream resulting in recirculation into the building.

A new microprocessor based control system was installed to connect the boilers and pumps to the campus Building Automation System (BAS). This system provided start/stop and setpoint control of the system and provided remote monitoring, and alarming capabilities through the campus BAS.

Owner Contractor Completion Date Design Estimate Low Bid
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Mr. Mario Carillo
Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 262-3155
Walker Hicks Mechanical September 2002 (Scheduled Completion) $165,000 $150,000
(719) 637-8850