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Pikes Peak Community College Downtown Studio

Project involved the renovation of approximately 10,000 S.F. of classroom space. The existing mechanical systems were beyond their useful life, and could not meet current code requirements for ventilation.

The new mechanical system utilized a 15,000 CFM custom manufactured, variable air volume rooftop unit with variable frequency drives on the supply and exhaust fans. The refrigeration system consisted of 4 compressors serving two refrigeration circuits with electronic hot gas bypass for each refrigeration circuit. The multiple compressors provided staged capacity control and the electronic hot gas bypass valves provided precise discharge air temperature control. The unit was equipped with a 100 percent dry-bulb economizer cycle to minimize cooling costs. The unit was also equipped with a heat recovery wheel to preheat the outside air from the exhaust air stream in order to avoid installation of a hot water heating coil and minimize heating costs.

Pinch-down variable air volume boxes with hot water reheat coils were utilized in each classroom to provide zone control. The medium and low pressure air distribution system ductwork was lined to provide sound attenuation from the air handling unit.

The existing steam boilers were utilized for space heating. A steam to hot water plate heat exchanger was installed to provide heating hot water to the reheat coils.

The mechanical systems were controlled by standalone direct digital controls and interfaced with the building automation system for monitoring and control purposes. This system was connected through the campus Ethernet system to integrate with the building automation system at the Centennial Campus.

The restrooms were also renovated and the plumbing systems were updated to comply with current ADA guidelines and water conservation requirements.

Client Contractor Completion Date Design Estimate Low Bid
Stephen Hall, Architect

Mr. Stephen Hall
Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 277-7300
N/A 31 July, 2002 $1,000,000.00 N/A
(719) 637-8850