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Mission Training International Conference Center

Palmer Lake, Colorado

This project involved design of a new 28,500S.F. extended stay conference center for Mission Training International. The building was designed to provide full services to the attendees including guest rooms, dining facilities, recreation room, laundry facilities, and day care. This required a mixed occupancy within the building with various types of occupancy separation.

The facility included 28 motel type guest rooms, a conference room, a training room, office space, a commercial kitchen, full service laundry, and a day care for various age groups.

The HVAC system for the guest rooms consisted of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) units with fresh air intakes and a bathroom exhaust fan. The exhaust fans were ducted to sidewall vents due to code limitations.

The commons areas, conference rooms, training rooms, daycare, and office areas were served by a roof mounted variable air volume air handling unit with DX cooling. Heating was provided by reheat coils in pinchdown variable air volume boxes for each zone. Gas log fireplaces were installed in the commons areas to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment where guests could gather.

The kitchen was served by a roof mounted indirect fired make-up air unit with an evaporative cooler. Exhaust systems included a kitchen hood and a dishwashing hood with roof mounted exhaust fans.

The plumbing systems consisted of a bathroom in each guest room, restrooms in commons areas, a commercial kitchen, and laundry facilities. The commons area restrooms and some of the guestrooms were setup to be ADA compliant for handicapped guests. High efficiency condensing type water heaters were utilized for both the kitchen and domestic hot water systems. A grease interceptor was installed outside to serve the kitchen.

The building was fully sprinkled with a wet pipe sprinkler system using quick response sprinkler heads.

Architect Contractor Completion Date Construction Cost
Bollar & Associates

Mr. George Cruz
Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 520-0057
K. Ehrhardt Construction December 2001 $2,700,000.00
(719) 637-8850