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Longmont CSMS Dynomometer – Colorado Dept of Military Affairs

Schendt Engineering was the prime consultant for this project which involved design to install an engine testing dynamometer facility. Our team included structural, electrical, and acoustical design consultants.

Schendt Engineering visited the site to verify the as-built condition of the existing space, discuss requirements with the using agency, and obtain data on the equipment provided by the dynamometer manufacturer. The basic requirement was to have the ability to test and monitor engines up to 1,000HP.

The building housing this equipment was an insulated metal building. Due to the project location, there was a need to minimize noise emissions from the facility to meet current zoning requirements. An evaluation by the acoustical consultant determined that in order to meet the sound level requirements at the property line, several issues needed to be addressed. These included construction of a sand filled block wall around the perimeter of the space, installation of additional sound insulation in the ceiling, installation of acoustic doors and louvers, and sound attenuators on the exhaust ductwork.

Due to the nature of the testing to be performed, there was a need to be able to visually see the engine exhaust from the control room. This required the use of a hood over the engine to collect the exhaust from the engine manifold. The exhaust fan was rated for high temperature applications and was connected to a variable frequency drive which was controlled manually by the operator in the control room.

A cooling tower located outside was used to cool the engine and dynamometer. Pumps for the cooling system were located within the dynamometer space. A portable fuel storage system with quick connect couplings was utilized to supply fuel to the engines during testing.

A computerized data acquisition and monitoring system was installed in the control room. An observation window was also provided between the control room and dynomometer room to provide visual observation of the engine during testing. The control room HVAC system consisted of a ceiling mounted computer room air conditioner to maintain space temperature.

Owner Contractor Completion Date Design Estimate Low Bid
Colorado Dept. of Military & Veterans Affairs

LTC Deborah Roberts
Englewood, Colorado
(303) 677-8926
September 2002 (Scheduled Completion) $150,000 Unknown
(719) 637-8850