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Compaq CXO3 Critical Power

This project involved construction of back-up power generation systems to support computer rooms and office space critical to the business needs of Compaq. The generation systems consisted of three (3) 1.1MW diesel engine driven generators, transfer switches and associated switchgear, UPS backup systems, and associated cooling and fuel systems.

Schendt Engineering Corporation provided mechanical engineering services to design the cooling systems and fuel systems to support the critical power systems. The cooling systems for the switchegear/UPS room consisted of two (2) 15,000 CFM air handling units with chilled water coils. The fuel systems consisted of two (2) 12,000 gallon diesel fuel storage tanks, transfer pumps, and distribution piping. A fuel monitoring system was installed to monitor fuel inventory, provide leak detection, and control fuel transfer operations.

The air handling units were controlled by a DDC control system and connected to the building automation system. The fuel monitoring system was integrated with the building automation system to provide data collection and enhanced monitoring and control capabilities.

Client Contractor Construction Cost
Plant Engineering Consultants

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Heating & Plumbing Engineers $1,700,000.00
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