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Colorado College Slocum Hall Renovation

The project involved the complete renovation of an 80,000SF college dormitory. SEC proposed an innovative ventilation design to maximize comfort and energy conservation. The International Mechanical Code still allows the use of operable windows to meet ventilation requirements, however we prefer to have positive ventilation rather that open windows. SEC proposed the installation 5 energy recovery units that were unique in that they each had supply, transfer and exhaust fans. These units supplied ventilation air to the corridors which then transferred under the door into each room. A transfer fan in each unit then exhausted/transferred this ventilation air from the dorm rooms to the restroom/locker rooms where it was then exhausted. The energy recovery units also had plate type air to air heat recovery heat exchangers, a combination heating hot water/chilled water coil and a coil pump. The fans were direct driven with variable frequency drives and airflow stations to maintain balanced airflows.

The design included heating only baseboard radiation in the dorm rooms, heating and cooling fan-coil units in the commons areas, and a make-up air unit to serve the laundry room.

The heating hot water system included two (2) HTHW to heating hot water heat exchangers, heating hot water pumps, air separator, expansion tank and polypropylene piping with a faser layer to maximize pressure rating and minimize expansion. Chilled water was provided from the central plant.

The restrooms were renovated with new plumbing fixtures that included 1.28Gal/Flush water closets with dual-flush flush valves, 1.5GPM shower heads and 0.5gpm lavatory faucets.

Control drawings consisting of system schematics, ladder wiring diagrams, I/O summary tables, and a detailed sequence of operation were prepared for each system. The control system was upgraded throughout the facility to a Schneider Electric Building Automation System with Lonworks communications.

The building was commissioned by BESECx who indicated that this was their easiest and most successful commissioning project to date. They also reported that they only had one commissioning issue log list item at their 11 month warranty review.

The Architect surveyed students approximately 8 months after completion of construction, and asked what they liked most about the renovation; the first response was “The Ventilation System”.

Owner Contractor Construction Cost
Colorado College

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GHPCC $2,700,000
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