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Replace High Temperature Hot Water Boiler

Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Schendt Engineering Corp. is the prime consultant for this project and has Architectural, Structural, and Electrical sub-consultants working with them to provided full design services. The project consisted of the replacement of a 20 MMBtuH High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) boiler (B-2) with a 40 MMBtuH HTHW boiler. Pre-purchase documents were prepared and the boiler was been pre-purchased by the college. Schendt Engineering Corp. prepared and submitted the Air Pollution Emission Notice’s (APEN’s) and construction permits to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The work included the new boiler (B-2), the replacement fuel trains, combustion control system, and burner management system for boiler B-1, the replacement forced draft fan for boiler (B-3), and new central plant distribution system pumps. New triple offset rotary valves weree installed on each boiler and on the supply and return mains leaving the plant. This work required numerous piping modifications for the new boiler, pumps, flow meters, and valves. A pipe stress analysis was performed on the entire HTHW piping system to verify the manufacturers and the ASME code requirements. The combustion control system for each boiler is a microprocessor based multi-loop type. A new plant master combustion controller will be installed and connected to a new operators interface workstation with control and data acquisition capabilities. Several auxiliary points will be connected to the plant master for monitoring and control purposes. New vortex shedding flow meters will be installed to replace the existing orifice plates on each boiler for improved accuracy and to minimize pressure drop. A small addition was required to the plant In order to install the larger boiler. The addition was designed by the architect to match the existing construction.

Owner Contractor Completion Date Design Estimate Low Bid
Colorado College

Mr. George Eckhardt
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Gracon Corporation 1 November, 2000 $1,300,000 $1,265,000
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